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Creating a Community for Support

To create a living event, we have concentrated on involving people at all levels in a way that allows them freedom to express their enthusiasm, and to enjoy.


The people who gain the most from the WMDF events are probably the staff. Yes, there is real work to do, but we do our best to make the experience of staff as enjoyable as possible. We have already seen many life-changing experiences. Our meetings are fast-paced and often feature workshop-style mini learning activities. Check the Team WMDF for more details. In 2010, we started free English classes for our staff.

Mogu Mogu Festival

Food Court The World Foods Court we started last in 2010 was so successful with both audience and vendors that in 2011 to meet the record number of booth applications, the event was re-born as the "Mogu Mogu Festival". The words "Mogu Mogu" are a Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of eating, but we also think of them as an abbreviation of "More Goods, More Gourmet" from around the world. WMDF Sponsor Pass holders are entitled to various reductions at many booths! The image pictures to the right were taken by our staff on their visit to WOMADelaide. If you are interested in building this kind of community atmosphere at WMDF's Mogu Mogu Festival, please download the form (J only) on the news entry linked to by the button below. We are always looking for a wide variety of things to experience: many different styles of foods, as well as clothing, accessories, drinks, services such as massages or fortune-telling, and even charities.

Worlds Meet Bar

We have a goal to create a bar based and restaurant based on the theme of "Worlds Meeting". It will be a place where cultures merge, and will represent our long-term vision. From 2011, we started one-night events and world beer parties. Please check the News section of this site.

Sponsor Pass

The Sponsor Pass system is another way of creating a community of support. We hope that you may feel moved to purchase a pass.


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