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A Community Working

The World Music and Dance Festival is supported by a staff of over 150 volunteers from throughout the community.

We are always happy to welcome new faces, and can accommodate any level of commitment. We want to enjoy what we do, so our meetings are informal and we are group-spirited.

The yearly schedule is pictured below. The first big objective is the Opening Live Tour in June. This gives new staff a chance to get their feet wet. Then we work towards the main event in August, and wrap up with some parties before giving staff a well-earned winter break.


WMDF Staff Would you like to be involved? There are many opportunities for experience, including:

  • 1. The organising of an outdoor event
  • 2. Stage management and artistic collaborations
  • 3. International exchange, English conversation, education

The main staff activities are promotion, selling of sponsor passes, event staff, and artist liaison. For those with proficiency in teaching, we are also hoping to find people to help us learn how to converse in the native languages of the international groups (including English). We are sorry, but we can only accomodate staff of senior high school age or above.

Anyone with an interest in becoming part of our team is very welcome to just turn up at the next meeting (see the staff blog at, to call the organising office at Hitococochi Inc (0138-51-5727), or to send email to . We are looking forward to sharing our event with as many people as possible.

For 2011, a staff manual is also forthcoming.

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