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Opening Live Tour

omoteFor the 2010 WMDF Opening Live Tour, we invited the world music band "Deneb" from the Czech Republic. The tour dates, with Hinokiya, are from Jun 1 - 6. The final two performances are in Hakodate's Kanamori Hall.

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Kanamori Hall Live

Title WMDF Opening Live Tour
"Deneb and Hinokiya"
Time Saturday 5 June, Doors open 18:00, Performance 18:30
Sunday 6 June, Doors open 15:30, Performance 16:00
Place Kanamori Hall (Hakodate, Suehiro-cho 14-12)
Perfromers Deneb (Czech World Music Band)
Hinokiya (Hakodate Travelling Band)
Tickets Sponsor Passes are available for each performance
2,000 yen each
Sponsors WMDF GIA (General Incorprated Association)
Production Hitococochi Inc
Inquiries Hitococochi Inc
TEL: 0138-51-5727

About Deneb

Deneb are a five-piece music band combining violin, viola, guitar, percussion and vocals. They combine elements of classical Moravian music with traditions from the Balkans deriving from Macedonian times. They play original songs with creativity and light fun.

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