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WMDF Flags Under Construction

Toozalii Community Artists International are busy doing their International artistry in UK communities, with flag designs drawn at WMDF.
Below we see students of Mountbatten School, Romsey, Hampshire working on designs inspired by themes of time and of Japanese culture.
We are all looking forward to seeing these creations gracing Motomachi Park next year.

10/15/2012 — Ian @ 1:09 AM

Ten days left until WMDF 006 First Group Application Deadline

There are now ten days until the deadline for registering your initial interest for WMDF 006.
All interested groups should look at the Perform at WMDF page.
We are fielding a wide variety of applications, as we continue to expand our scope into visual arts and film.

10/09/2012 — Ian @ 9:03 PM

“Worlds Meet Japan”

As you can see from the footer of our web pages, WMDF is an activity of a non-profit “General Incorporated Association” (GIA). We announced the formation of our association back in March 2010. Here is an example of an English description of what GIAs are.
After this year’s WMDF, we took the chance to rename our [...]

10/03/2012 — Ian @ 10:30 PM


Our staff worked madly as volunteers for a long time to bring WMDF to the people of Hakodate. We’d like to thank all those who recognised this effort by supporting us with one-day passes and Sponsor Passes. We will hold a staff party this weekend, but in the meantime we are taking a big “reset” [...]

08/16/2012 — Ian @ 12:02 PM


Takedown in Motomachi Park happened so fast that we didn’t have time to write a proper article. Thanks to all the staff for the hard work, and thanks again to the weather for suspending the forecast rain. The photo below shows that there is still some fun to be had even in this clearup job. [...]

— Ian @ 11:52 AM

Finale Closes Motomachi Park. Say Goodbye at The Arigatou Party

The main stage closed last night with all groups in Motomachi Park. Thanks to all for the spirit and the memories. The farewells have already started, and we said goodbye to Bonbangoo this morning, but all the remaining groups (including all the overseas groups) will be saying goodbye in style at our Arigatou Party tonight. [...]

08/10/2012 — Ian @ 12:32 PM

One Day To Go

We celebrated Day 4 by welcoming Sisay from Ecuador, and Odorou Matilda and Ema and Esoh from Japan. There were new treats all round, with impromptu dancing, France adding a guitar to their vocal lineup, and a even a weather forecast only for sun. Tomorrow, the curtain comes down on this year’s party. Join us!



Photos [...]

08/09/2012 — Ian @ 7:30 AM

Day 3 Crowds

Day 3 saw sunny weather and all 5 stage areas happily full. We present you with this image of our “Kampa Samba” in the hopes it might inspire you to come along to see what all the fuss is about, and also pick up your Sponsor Pass or 1 Day pass: without them, there won’t [...]

08/08/2012 — Ian @ 1:13 PM

Day 2 A Sucess, and Even Dry

We drew in large crowds despite the rain. Below is the new Eudora stage being well and truly christened by the amazing Beijing Dance Academy. Join us for Day 3 on Tuesday, when the weather forecast is for the sun to appear and stay with us at least until Wednesday.


08/07/2012 — Ian @ 10:54 PM

We May Get Wet

But we are definitely running today, with all the groups who can perform in a spot of rain. The weather forecast has the latest showers at 7pm.

08/06/2012 — Ian @ 1:48 PM

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